Our team researches and explores mathematical structures and dynamical systems, which offer control points for non-mathematicians (artists, composers, architects) to insert intuition and creativity right at the center of complex mathematical systems. Our interdisciplinary partnership, which combines the professional expertise of the involved minds, is in order to facilitate unconventional discoveries.

The mathematical goal of the project is to open new sonic or visual pathways in understanding complex mathematical systems by using the artistic feedback of this dialogue. To experience an artistic projection of the mathematical complexity might inspire mathematicians to new ideas and approaches which are otherwise unthought of.
Moreover, it is an intrinsic challenge of present-day mathematical research to work on a level of abstraction, which makes it very difficult for mathematicians from other fields (and even more for non-mathematicians) to gain insight into the ideas behind a specific mathematical area. However, combining mathematical concepts of different fields was a crucial key to famous recent mathematical advances as can be seen e.g. by the works of Grigori Perelman or Cedric Villani. Thus, there is an increasing need amongst mathematicians to be able to communicate complex ideas and concepts of one field of research to another in an intuitive way and it is precisely the aim of this project to make complexities accessible and a source of inspiration, which may shed new light on a difficult matter from a fresh angle.
The artistic goal of the project is to create a communication pathway between complex mathematical structures and intuitive creativity, as a collaborative model. By enabling artistic input into mathematical complexity, we aim to start a dialogue between mathematicians and artists on equal terms, which allows artists to become inspired by mathematics which they would not have otherwise encountered.