Strange Attractors – Hybrid Demarcation

Naturally occurring permutations of a strange attractor set were studied, striving for the balance where parametric variations were consistent enough to express a fluid dynamic, within a given boundary.  Strange attractors exist in many dimensions, but these studies extracted a 2d point set of one attractor, where the envelope points of particular sequences were made to react dynamically, through lofting studies.  These dynamic interplays formed various demarcations, most often in hybrid forms, where 2 surfaces intersected and marked out new boundaries of relation.

Strange Attractor Details

The architectures which emerged from the tracing of these intersections, and lofting their curved geometries, was combined with the proportional theory of apex points in the preceding study: Divine Proportion – Simple Constraint.  Together, this proved to open up a wealth of emergent formal beauty.

Hybrid Demarcation Forms from above

These same principles can be applied to any strange attractor. This study has only worked with one attractor set, and attempted to explore the multifaceted variations within this one set of potential points.

Another set which contains a wealth of possibility is here below, and will be taken as a starting point for a new research:

IJMK Attractor

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