Quiddity Sequences: Optimal Non-Convergence Attractive Privacies – Simple Triangulations Dynamical Systems: Varied Insistence Strange Attractors – Hybrid Demarcation

Mathematics and Arts: Towards a balance between artistic intuition and mathematical complexity

University of Graz, Maths Department
The idea of “The collaborative mind” is to stimulate new paths of thinking in the wide pool of creative processes that artists (composers, electroacoustic sound, architects) and scientists share.

We are a team of 2 mathematicians, 2 artists in music, sound & architecture:
Karin Baur, who is Professor of Mathematics, Graz Uni, working with Cluster Algebras
Gerhard Eckel, who is Professor of Computer Music & Multimedia, KUG, an artist in sound/music
Klemens Fellner, who is Professor of Mathematics, Graz Uni, working with PDE’s
Tamara Friebel, a composer/electroacoustic artist/architect who is a Post-Doctorate at Graz Uni


A preview from recent concert event:
Dec 2015 | Tamara Friebel |  Zwielichter, herumtanzend | Collection Essl, Klosterneuberg | Ensemble Klingekunst
Composition for Baroque Flute & Harpsichord
Drawn from research with Karin Baur